Out and about in the big Apple!

Hey everyone!

This the 2 day in New York and I couldn’t be more excited, everything is like I imagined, the lights, the sounds and everything is so freaking big 🤩

I am now getting ready and dressed and are looking forward to eat some breakfast and they have a lot of breakfast-restaurant🥞🍳 in New York City to choose from.

We’ve been to so many places now looking for the perfect breakfast place but at some point we just choose something because we were so hungry 😋

Picture: wellingtonhotel.com

And we choose Park Cafe that wasn’t so far from our hotel, so that was nice.

The menus there were like so many choices, so I was like which one should I choose.

Picture: hanan farah

So I ordered this cheese omelet that came with French fries and some pancakes that I shared with my family.

I think it was like 6-7 pancakes and I couldn’t eat them all by myself.

The cheese omelet was so good and very filling so I couldn’t finish the omelet. I think we orded to much and the lady that worked there was like take it easy like a joke 😋

We we’re shocked to see all the food cause when they give you the breakfast you get fries too and being from Norway I’m not used to so much food.

After the breakfast we walked around and bought tickets to the sightseeing bus. It was totally the longest line I have seen in like forever. When we found our seats we could relax after we had walked for a long time.

And that day I was wearing heels👠 When the bus started to drive we got the wind in our faces it was amazing cause it was very hot so the wind was like the best feeling in the world👅 Specially when it’s too hot.

So we drove around NYC and we passed by a lot of centers, big buildings, and so much more!

New York is a very big city and it was a lot of giftshops, restaurants and so many other things to see.

Today was to get to know New York City, the giftshops has a lot of souvenirs and it’s nice to buy some that you later can take with you home and to think about the time when you traveled to New York, It’s a good feeling😀

Now we’re off to just relaxing at the hotel and later find som restaurant and eat dinner. Talk to you later 💋

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