Statue of Liberty πŸ—½

Good morning everyone I hope everybody is having a great day. Today is the day we are going to see the statue of Liberty and I can’t wait 😊

Today I feel like wearing a red sweater and black tights, I’m obsessed with red I just love it😍

But first I need my daily dose of coffee and my breakfast today is gonna be Dunk and Donuts not a healthy breakfast but I am on vacation so I’m gonna enjoy it to the max.

It’s a beautiful sunny and warm day and we’re gonna take a cab to see the statue of Liberty, to get to the Statue of Liberty we need to go through pass control and take a boat up there.

The boat trip and the view is so amazing so I snapped some pictures of the view.

Bills lemonadeπŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ€€

After we saw the statue of Liberty we took a break and walked passed by a lot of people holding like a big lemonade cup in there hands so I told my sister it’s hot and I’m thirsty so a lemonade right now will taste so good and I asked her do you think its good and she said let’s go and try one.

So we bought one lemonade each and the first sip was amazing I think I never tasted so good lemonade in my whole life and the best thing about its so big that you can also share it.

Later when I finished my lemonade I went back and bought a new one I was like I can not go before I buy one more specially since it tasted so good.

And the best of the best it’s a healthy lemonade the sugar is Splenda sugar so it’s fake sugar.

Anybody who is visiting Liberty next time and wants a Delicious lemonade and healthy one buy one from Bills lemonade stand and if you want to buy another one just buy it cause I never tasted so good lemonade in my whole life haha.

Well this has been a little about my day so far, I’m thinking we’re gonna go back to the hotel and relax after this since it has been a long day, see you on my next postπŸ’‹

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