ITS gonna be all over soon😕

Hey everyone so this is the last day in New York it’s so sad I want to stay longer, once you get a taste of New York you never want to leave New York.

I hope that some day I will come back, not some day but soon as possible. The plans for today is Brooklyn and Queens.

We are going to the Brooklyn bridge first and the bridge was amazing but also very very long, you can take beautiful pictures over there with a amazing view. When we walked up to the bridge and passed people there was a lot of people taking pictures specially me, we needed to take pictures to have some memories, good memories 😍

So everyone who wants to take pictures and want it with a beautiful view the place is the Brooklyn bridge.

Later that day we went to get some food in Queens so we took an Uber to Queens, specifically Steinway because this is the ethnic area for Arabs and we wanted to check that out of course.

We went to a Moroccan restaurant there called Little morocco and we ordered a dish called tagine with rice and potatoes it was so good I loved and my whole family did also.

It was so tasteful and delicious it melts in you’re mouth it was so so delicious🤤

Tagine, moroccan food with chicken 🐔 🍗

Anybody who wants food that is delicious and melts in there mouth should definitely check out this place, Little morocco you got six stars from me and my whole family just wonderful.

I have to say It was so fun visiting Brooklyn and Queens all in the same day, it was a little stressful getting to do everything in one day going to two boroughs, but it was so fun and I’m definitely planning to come back again in the near future!

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