Never give up!

Good morning love ones💋

We all have periods were we just feel like giving up on life, sometimes it’s because of  a bad experiences or 2 or maybe even 10, well that’s the day we woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Or should I say put the wrong foot in the bed, thats  the day that it feels like the whole world is against you but it’s actually not, but it seems like it cause of the mixed feelings you get inside of you and the bad experiences you had.

The bad experiences can be about getting no from the job you applied for and then you get a no from another job and then again and again.

That totally sucks and it does something to you, you feel like giving up, BUT dont!

What you can do is to turn the bad experiences and you’re bad days to strength, then the strength will be stronger then ever and ever. You just need to belive in yourself and have hope, have hope for better days.

Cause remember when this big storm comes, brighter days are coming, there on there way.

Everybody has there ups and downs it’s just a matter of time, what you need is to change your mindset and then you can come far.

Take on step at a time, you need to figure out a plan, take a piece of paper and a pen and write down your goals. When you have written down all you’re goals, hang them up on you’re fridge, so when you wake up in in morning you don’t forget and get motivated.

The point with all this is that someday you will get the job you wanted, but you need to start from the bottom then claim you’re self up to the top.

Cause when you get a no and a no and get rejected just get up stand up tall and say or repeat to your self it will be another opportunity and some day I will get it and someone will see my hard work and my biggest motivation.

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