The Movies🎥

Hey loves the plans for today is going to the movies, it’s Sunday and it’s the perfect opportunity to go to the movies cause it’s pretty quiet in Norway on Sundays.

Me and my friend picked this film called venom and we are excited to see it cause we have read the reviews. Some of the reviews say that the movie is not that good and some others says it’s good, but you can’t judge the movie by it’s cover.

But first thing first I have to get me some candy it’s a must!

  • So some time has passed and the movie has started and it was a lot of action, romance, comedy and fiction. When the movie ended I was really expecting a little more from the movie, maybe a little longer ending. But the movie was pretty funny and me and my friend laughed like so many times cause it was a funny movie, a lot of scenes that was pretty funny.
  • I’ll give it 3 stars, it was funny and that is important in a movie. The best part was that it was 3D and we bought some glasses, that’s so cool cause it’s like being in the movie.
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