When people don’t admit there fault!

Hey guys so there’s always two sides to every story, everybody has the right to tell there own version or how they see the situation.

People have there own perspective in things, and sometimes we see what we wanna see and believe what we wanna believe. It’s always easy to blame others for your mistakes and bad choices you make because that’s the easiest way out.

Don’t take the easy way out, rather take the way were you can talk about the situation and can put all the cards on the table.

Its not always easy putting the cards on the table, and say it all out in the open, but try that’s the least you can do. Trying is one step forward and sometimes you meet people that can’t admit there fault cause they think that there self respect is going under and they feel like they are going down on some level.

They are feeling like they are sinking low and sometimes if they admit it then they are not perfect anymore, cause they want to be fail free, but there’s not such a thing like that.

You can’t be fail free and you can’t be perfect either and you know what that’s okay cause that’s called being a human. Don’t lose a good friend or friends just cause of your pride or you ego. Cause a good friend don’t come easy, it takes time and patience to find a good friend that’s real to you.

We all want to keep them, they are your sunshine in life. If you want to lose something like that talk to a friend that’s listen to you, or even better talk to the person you are fighting or discussing with.

And like I said at the start put all the cards on the table, that’s the best solution ever.

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